by Merri Biechler / directed by Rachel Edwards Harvith / a world premiere with Mortar Theatre Company, 2012

Four stars, critic’s pick” - Oliver Sava, TimeOut Chicago

Director Rachel Edwards Harvith walks the thin line between coherence and chaos and she walks it well. Under her steady hand, this show is exactly as confusing as it is meant to be. There is a consistent clarity that allows every moment, feeling, and thought to ring true. But she does not sacrifice the play’s crazed energy either. The absurd and the farcical are omnipresent, melting into melancholy at a moment’s notice…Chaos may comprise the core of this play, but elegance is what’s at the heart of this production.” - Alex Huntsberger, Centerstage

"Bombs, Babes and Bingo, Mortar Theatre's beyond brava (and I cannot put to fine a point on "beyond" in Meri Biechler's writing and Rachel Edwards Harvith's direction) production kicks off in third speed, the "lie" of the game of bingo -- the company uses a bingo game to determine which of the 3,628,800 versions will be performed each evening; and somehow every version that can bounce to the surface during the 90-minute production fits its story like a glove. You think the on-stage bingo game is kitsch, but it's an amazing plot device driving a stellar cast performing in a perfect storm of theatrical mathematics." - Alice Singleton, Gapers Block


scenic design: Robert S. Kuhn and Michelle Underwood / lighting design: John Kelly / projection design: Michelle Underwood / costume design: Robert S. Kuhn / properties design: Jeff Shields / sound design: Heath Hays / dramaturg: Dana Lynn Formby / stage manager: Kate Masiak

starring Erica Cruz Hernandez as Hannah / Richard Perez as Dennis / Stephanie Stroud as Ellen / Megan Tabaque as Bingo Girl

photography by Tom McGrath